Procurement Methods - Construction Management

Construction Management

Construction management is also known as Construction Project Management in the construction industry. This method separates the architect and the construction team. The client hires an architect and construction team under different contracts; both teams reporting to the client. The Construction Manager work is aimed toward meeting the client’s goals in order to ensure the building is completed on time and on budget. The Construction Manager assumes the responsibility to keep the construction on schedule. This system is often used to speed up the design and construction phase and helps to eliminate conflicts throughout the construction.

The CM industry consists of 5 sectors:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Heavy Civil
  • Industrial
  • Environmental

Regardless of the sector, the CM holds the same responsibilities and maintains the same rules and tasks. A CM is assigned to a project once the design is completed or nearly completed. The CM is chosen based on the construction company that is chosen through the bidding process.

A Construction Manager is not required on a job, as a superintendent is capable of doing similar work. However the role of a CM can be integral in the completion of a project in a timely and cost effective manner. The CM oversees the entire project, allowing for smooth transitions between different phases of the construction process. The CM also helps to handle any type of problem that may arise.