KSBA Architects

KSBA Architects, a member of Arctecon, LLC, is the Member-in-Charge of Architecture Services.  Founded in 1984, current staff is eight with three registered architects, including Grant Scott and Dave Bauer, partners.  Clients include corporations, manufacturers, federal and state governments, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

The firm specializes in the design of call centers, with a focus on creating large, open office work environments that support the productivity of the occupant.  In 2004 KSBA was recognized by the Call Center industry for their Performance Design Approach, a process by which owners review value-added opportunities that enhance people productivity and integrate selected options so as to maximize return on investment. The core values of Arctecon and KSBA are one and the same.

Full-scope architectural, interior design and planning services are available and can be custom-tailored to client needs. They include:

  • ADA Compliance Surveys
  • Construction Documents
  • Specifications
  • Value Engineering
  • Planning 
  • Site Master Planning 
  • Site Analysis   
  • Database Management
  • Site Research
  • Interior Design
  • Construction Negotiation
  • Construction Administration
  • Cost Estimating
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Space Planning
  • Programming
  • Building Master Planning

At Arctecon, the client comes first. Accordingly, we’ve implemented the following practice philosophies:

  • Equal emphasis on design and project management.
  • Design solutions that respond to underlying conceptual goals, not just satisfy functional requirements.
  • Fiscal responsibility – we present construction cost estimates at all phases in as much detail as possible.
  • Matching professional expertise with client need – we assemble and manage engineering and specialty consultants based on specific client and project needs.
  • High level of overall expertise – two-thirds of our technical staff are registered architects.
  • Accuracy and efficiency through computer automation – our professionals are trained in the use of a variety of computer software, including CADD.
  • Strong emphasis on planning – we define the project early on in terms of concept, program, quality, scope and cost.


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